Lab Director


Professor Baabak Ashuri

Baabak Ashuri

Dr. Baabak Ashuri is director of the Economics of the Sustainable Built Environment (ESBE) Lab. He specializes in Economic Decision Analysis, Strategic Risk Management, Investment Analysis under Uncertainty (e.g., the Real Option Methodology), Capital Budgeting, and Project Finance. His current research focuses on the identification and evaluation of flexible technologies and systems for sustainable buildings, enhancing the value of healthcare facilities by incorporating flexible features, and developing real option models for the financial assessment of PPP highway projects under traffic uncertainty. The findings of the in-depth industry case studies, economic model development, and simulation analysis on the aforementioned topics are then utilized to generate fundamental theory about sustainable investment in the built environment. All research includes an integrated education research program to disseminate knowledge to professional associations and ensure infusion in next generation architects, engineers, facility managers, and policy makers. Dr. Ashuri is an Assistant Professor in the School of Building Construction at the Georgia Institute of Technology where he teaches ‘Decision Analysis and Risk Management’, ‘Building Economics and Value Engineering’, and ‘Real Option Analysis for Life Cycle Costing of Flexible Infrastructure Assets’ and advises undergraduate, Masters’, and Ph.D. students.